Hansa Wines & Spirits

Stock Advice for Bars & Restaurants

Whether you own a bar or a restaurant Hansa Wines & Spirits is the best place for you to stock up. We stock over 1,000 brands offering possibly the largest selection of brands under one roof at wholesale prices in Malta.
Order any brand anytime and we’ll bring it all to you the following day. If you own a bar or a restaurant you don’t need to wake up early to place your stock order anymore. 
Just order online at hansa.com.mt and we’ll bring it to your establishment the following day at a time that is convenient to you; you will not need to shop anywhere else thanks to our large variety of brands along with a selection of other necessities a bar would need, and no more early mornings!
If you do not have a retailer account with us yet, call us on 2158 1111 and we’ll set you up over the phone.