Hansa Wines & Spirits


By creating an account with our store, you will be able to add items to your shopping cart, create and save custom wishlists and view, and track your orders in your account. When signing up please enter all the fields displayed in the registration form.

Once you post the form you will receive an email to confirm your registration. Simply click on the link provided in the email and you will be successfully registered to Hansa's Online Shopping website. 

At times an email server might send the automated emails to your spam folder. Please add our email address to your address book in order to avoid this from happening in the near future.

If you have any problems registering, please contact us by telephone on 2158 1111.

Your Account

If you have registered and signed in, to view your account details click on 'Your Account' in the top right hand corner of the page. 

If you have just registered, in the Account Overview please fill in your Delivery & Billing details to make the checkout process faster. These will be the addresses used to make deliveries to you and invoice your orders.

Once you place an order you can see its status and details by clicking on Your Orders.


Normally the items in your shopping cart remain stored until you checkout. However sometimes you might want to regularly order the same items, or you have a big event coming up and would like to save alternative drink lists. You can do this by creating your shopping lists, or Wishlists. 

If you have not created a wishlist yet, and are browsing the products, clicking on 'Add to Wishlist' will automatically create a new one for you. You can then rename your wishlist later. (see below)

Click on Your Wishlists in Your Account. If you have already created a list you will see the name of that list, the number of products within and a checkbox to mark it as default. This is very useful when adding items to a specific wishlist, and will save you time when selecting the list you want to add items to. 

Creating A New List
Type in the desired name of the wishlist and click Add.

Editing / Renaming Existing Lists
  • Click on the name of the wishlist or click on View Wishlist.
  • To change the name, edit the List Name field and click Update Your Wishlist.
  • You will also see a list of the products if you have added any. Quantities can be changed by clicking on the plus or minus signs next to the the quantity number. Save your new quantities by clicking Update Your Wishlist.
  • If you want to copy those items to your shopping cart, click on the check box under 'Add to Cart' and click on Update Your Wishlist. 
  • By changing the quantity to 0 (zero) you will effectively remove that product from your wishlist once you click Update Your Wishlist

Shopping Cart

When you click on the 'Add to Cart' button found in the product pages, your shopping cart will be updated accordingly. You can view the amount of items and total cost at a glance from the top right hand corner of the website. For a more detailed view click on the shopping basket or click on Shopping Cart in Your Account.

You can modify the quantity of several items at once and then click Update Quantity when done. By changing the quantity to 0 (zero) you will effectively remove that product from your shopping cart once you click Update Quantity. Once you are happy with the items in your shopping cart and would like to place your order, click PROCEED TO CHECKOUT.