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Hansa Wines and Spirits has specialized in offering quality products, great service and the best prices for over 25 years.

Hansa Wines & Spirits proudly offers a unique and wide selection of premium wines, spirits and accessories at wholesale prices. Coupled with an excellent customer service, this makes for a one-of-a-kind shopping experience.

Over the last decade these services have been extended to private households, bars, restaurants and hotels. Offering delivery service across all Malta.

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The Shop

Recently renovated our shop offers a unique experience for all wine and spirits enthusiasts.

Hansa Wines & Spirits is the best place for you to stock up. We have over 1,000 brands offering possibly the largest selection of brands under one roof at wholesale prices in Malta. We have dedicated and knowledgeable staff who will guide you in choosing the right gift or the perfect wine to go with your meal. One will also find a temperature & humidity controlled cellar hosting some great wines from the best Chateaus and wine producers of the world.

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Franco Farrugia

Founding Director

Franco’s love of wines and spirits started at an early age. Being exposed to the social scene through a small family run business set is a busy touristic area. This inspired him to concentrate his own business solely on wines and spirits.  Starting a small wholesale, servicing the bars and restaurants in the St Pauls area. With a good eye for the demands of the industry, a clear vision, enthusiasm and a planned mission, Franco increased the business and started servicing the catering industry across all Malta, making Hansa one of the leading wines & spirits wholesaler on the island.

His love of music can be felt when one enters the shop as the piano is the centre stage of it. His aspiration towards Hansa is to offer the largest variety, with competitive prices and the best service possible.

Charlot Borg

Shop Manager & Sommelier

Charlot, our wine connoisseur who has been in the industry for over 20 years.

Through the past year he has been building our wine list here at Hansa and focusing on small to medium wineries which produce great quality wines.

When visiting our shop ,you will realise the love and passion he has for wine, and without a doubt, he will surely help you find the perfect bottle from our selection of more than 1000 labels!

Charlot Farrugia

Sales & Marketing Manager

Charlot has been in the industry for over 10 years.  His passion is whisky, in fact he was a Johnnie Walker Brand Ambassador for more than 6 years. At Hansa, Charlot takes care of the online sales, marketing and purchasing so that we are always stocked up and ready to deliver to you.

He also organizes  all the events that are held at our shop and hosts our Whisky Tastings.

Stojan Jović

Shop Assistant & Sommelier

Stojan is a young and passionate wine connoisseur and has been in the industry for over 5 years. Although his young age he has great knowledge and is always eager to share it with our clientele. With a smile on his face you will find him at our shop ready to suggest you the best wine for your taste or the best pairing with your food.

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