• Color: White
  • Grape Parentage: unconfirmed, although recent genetic study suggests a parent-offspring relationship with Gaidouria and Platani
  • Place of Origin: Santorini
  • Origin of Grape Name: “Assyrtiko” may derive from “Assyrian”
  • Major Countries of Production:
  • Greece: 1,821 ha (2012, Greek Ministry of Agriculture)
  • Synonyms: None
  • Viticultural Characteristics: Loose Clusters, Small-Berried, Thick-Skinned, Prone to Oxidation, Resistant to Drought, Resistant to Mildew
  • Preferred Soil Type: volcanic soil
  • Common Blending Partners: Athiri, Aidani, Malagousia, Sauvignon Blanc

Typical Descriptors and Structure for Santorini Assyrtiko

  • Visual: Straw with Hints of Green, Moderate Concentration
  • Aromas/Flavors: 
    • Fruit: Citrus (Lemon, Lime), Yellow Apple, Stone Fruit in warmer vintages
    • Floral: Citrus Blossoms, Gardenia, Dried Flowers
    • Oxidative: Slight Hazelnut
    • Other: Lees, Petrol (particularly after 3-4 years of bottle age)
    • Earth: Sulfur, Ash, Flint, Gunsmoke, Lava Rock
    • Oak: None (although most producers do have a barrique-aged bottling in their range)

Structure: Dry, Moderate Plus Body, Low Tannin (Assyrtiko is an extremely phenolic grape), High Acidity (3.0 pH is average), Elevated to High Alcohol

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