• Color: Red (Blue-Skinned)
  • Grape Parentage: Gros Cabernet x Cabernet Franc
  • Place of Origin: Bordeaux
  • Origin of Grape Name: derived from carmine, a deep crimson pigment and a reference to the Carmenère vine’s brilliant shade of leaf in autumn
  • Major Countries of Production:
    • Chile: 8,827 ha (2011, Wines of Chile)
    • Italy: Tre Venezie
  • Synonyms: Grand Vidure, Carbouet, Grand Carmenet (France)
  • Viticultural Characteristics: Carmenère buds earlier than either Cabernet Sauvignon or Cabernet Franc, but ripens later. Thick-skinned, Susceptible to Coulure
  • Preferred Soil Type: Clay
  • Common Blending Partners: Bordeaux varieties, Syrah

Typical Descriptors and Structure for Chilean Carmenère

  • Visual: Dark Ruby with Purple Tones, Moderate Plus Concentration
  • Aromas/Flavors: Moderate Plus Intensity
    • Fruit: Ripe/Lush Black Fruit (Cassis, Blackberry, Black Plum, Black Cherry), Stewed Tomato
    • Floral: Violets, Purple Flowers
    • Green/Herbal/Pyrazine: Strong Green Notes Contrasted with Ripe Fruit, Green Bell Pepper, Celery, Camphor
    • Spice: Black Pepper
    • Other: Bitter Chocolate
    • Oak: Low to Moderate Use of New French/American Oak

Structure: Dry (with Ripe Attack), Moderate Plus Body, Moderate Tannin, Moderate Acidity, Elevated Alcohol, Bitterness

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