Adamus 20 Years Old Wine Spirit


Country: Portugal | Volume: 5cl | ABV: 41.6%

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Code: ADAM008

From the robustness of the classic 90’s Bairrada wines, a batch with ideal physico-chemical and organoleptic characteristics was selected, under the empire of the Baga grape variety.

The joviality of the wine was taken as an advantage and a carefully distillation was initiated in the discontinuos copper alembic in order to allow the millennial chemical connection between the copper and the distillation.

Old barrels of Portuguese oak and Allier casks of various types of grain and toast were selected for the long stage of more than 20 years, in the old family wine cellar. There we took care of all required operations, so in the end, like any maestro, everything reflected perfection.

Its personality is made of a distinctive colour, aromatic complexity, denotes evolution, softness, where aromatic notes of toffee, confit fruit, allied to aromatic notes of cigar boxes, balsamics and roasting are highlighted, with a delightful unctuous to the lingual tact, elegant body and with persistent notes that invade the palate.

Thus presents itself under the insignia ADAMUS, genuinely pure, genuinely old, genuinely sublime!

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