Amrut Indian Single


Country: India | Volume: 70cl | ABV: 46%

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Started as a rum and brandy producer in the late-1940s, Amrut has since made a large splash in the whisky world, with the introduction of their Indian single malt whisky in the 2004. Breaking the stereotypes of Indian whisky, Amrut is an excellent spirit, moulded by the climate in Bangalore to be quite distinct from the whisky produced in other countries.

The oak is really over powering on the nose. It has more of an acetone touch to it, but on the other hand there is also a soured note. A sweetness seems similar to butterscotch or hard caramel candy. The mouthfeel is light. It comes off hot at first from the alcohol, but on the other hand it’s a quick burn that rounds out. The whisky comes off very phenolic, and it moves into smoked beef jerky. You get the orange from the nose on the palate with a little sweet honey. The dram is woody, and as it moves into the finish, it is reminiscent of black licorice.

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