Carpano Antica Formula

Giuseppe B. Carpano

Country: Italy | Region: Piedmont | Volume: 75cl | ABV: 16.5%

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Code: CARP001

With an original recipe that dates back to 1786, this is the original red vermouth, the first one ever made. Crafted from white wine, Piemonte muscatel, and rich wines from the south of Italy, this delicious concoction is infused with all the elegance and sophistication of Italian wines. This spirit is fabricated in numbered quantities, the exclusive bottle itself is made from blown glass, and the beautiful label is a replica of the original one from the 18th century.

In summary, a complete work of art. This expression is the ideal complement to the Manhattan cocktail, or if you fancy a much simpler drink, just have it chilled, with ice, and a slice of orange peel. Perfect as an aperitif or digestive, with just the right amount of sweet to accompany your favorite dessert.

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