Vermouth Storico di Torino


Country: Italy | Region: Piedmont | Volume: 75cl | ABV: 16%

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Code: COCC001

Turin vermouth is a collective heritage of the Piedmontese, whose first great promoter was the royal court of Savoy, starting from the end of the 18th century it developed a thriving industry that made Piedmont the kingdom of Vermouth. The Historic Vermouth of Turin is produced according to the original recipe of Giulio Cocchi. 

A vermouth that excites, full of sensations: among the flavoring herbs and spices, the protagonists are artemisia and citrus fruits which, with cinchona, give balanced bitter and citrus tones, which characterize Cocchi's style. The taste is therefore rich, with vibrant notes of cocoa and bitter orange. From the infusion of some noble and balsamic woods, slightly camphorated hints and notes of rosemary arrive in the finish. Among the minor ingredients there are herbs and woods with unique scents such as sandalwood, musk, myrrh, nutmeg.

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