Hennessy VSOP


Country: France | Region: Cognac | Volume: 70cl | ABV: 40%

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Hennessy is one of the biggest names in Cognac, being the largest producer of the legendary French spirit. Cognac house founded in 1765 by Richard Hennessy, an Irish officer serving in the army of King Louis XV of France. It has been exporting to the US since 1794, and is noted for producing the first VSOP (Very Superior Old Pale) for the future King George IV. The company also introduced the star rating system in the 1860s, and the first XO Cognac in 1870. It is now part of the LVMH group. 

The fruit of nature’s uncertainties, this unique blend has tamed the elements to craft and embody the original concept of cognac. The emotion awakened by the pleasure of tasting it continually reveals new facets of its personality. The savoir-faire of the Maison Hennessy is fully expressed in this balanced cognac: the selection of eaux-de-vie, aging and assemblage.

Vanilla, cove, cinnamon, candied fruit, Brandy. Finishes off long with woody notes.

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