La Dolfina Malbec Reserva

Passion De Los Andes

Year: 2018 | Country: Argentina | Region: Mendoza | Volume: 75cl | Grape: Malbec | ABV: 14.8% | Lifestyle: Traveller

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Code: PDLA002

La Dolfina Polo Wines are products of Finca Arlanda SA elaborated by Vignes des Andes in Mendoza, Argentina. It’s elaboration is directed by renowned enologist Gabriela Celeste, and terroir extension includes 100 hectares (247 acres) at the foot of the Andes Mountains 1,000 meters above sea level.

Presents an intense and deep color with cherry tones. Rich in marmalade aromas of strawberries, plums and wild berries. Hints of wood resins from the oak barrels are also present. In the mouth it is vast, dense and has good volume. Fluxing tannins give it body and a rounded taste, leaving a long finale in the mouth. 

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