TeTonic Nanopack Salmon Guru 6 Infusers

Te Tonic

Country: Spain

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Code: TECT012

Nanopack Salmon Guru has been developped by Te Tonic and Diego Cabrera, one of the most famous bartenders in the world. We all have created a range of infusers with amazing and extraordinary tastes based on a refreshing full of exotic flavoured mixture of spices and botanicals.

Unique and exclusive mixtures of flowers and exotic spices to prepare the most astonishing cocktails.

  • Spicy: an explosion of refreshing, exotic and slightly spiced flavour. Enjoy the wood and smoke nuances of this cocktail, perfect as an appetizer or as a night drink. Ingredients: ginger, cardamom, mallow flower and cayenne
  • Sour: wild flowers and damp earth. These are the characteristics of this full of personality and mild flavOr cocktail. Ingredients: jasmine flower, elderflower, orange blossom and lavender
  • Cool: for those who love the Mediterranean. Smooth and light, very refreshing, with a touch of menthol flavor. Exciting and astonishing. Ingredients: hibiscus, cherry stalks, lemon grass and piperita mint

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