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Padre Azul Blanco

Padre Azul

Country: Mexico | Volume: 70cl | ABV: 38%

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Padre Azul is grown in the valleys of Amatitán in Jalisco, Mexico, close to the town Tequila. This region has been chosen wisely: the soil is volcanic, porous and retains humidity, while also being more alcaline and containing less iron and more basalt than the highlands. Furthermore, the water quality in the valleys of Amatitán is better than that from standard wells, which grants its region-specific flavor. Name “Padre” does not mean the father, but quotes a popular Mexican saying: “que padre,” an expression of cheerful excitement, meaning “how fantastic” or “how wonderful”. Padre Tequila bottles are topped with a 270-gram solid metal skull, paying homage to ''Dia de los Muertos'' and eternal friendship.

Padre Azul Blanco is bottled straight after its double distillation. This gives it its clear, transparent color and its incomparable taste of fresh agave. This young tequila is perfect for mixing high-quality cocktails. Slow cooking reveals notes of cooked agave, vanilla and coconut. Citrus notes of grapefruit and lemon; hints of English mint, fruit compote of cherry, peach and pineapple. Velvety and intense on the palate, with cooked agave and notes of fruits that confirm the olfactory promise. Sweet and powerful with a smooth finish.

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