Padrecito Blanco


Country: Mexico | Volume: 70cl | ABV: 40%

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Code: TPOR70

Padrecito is made from 100% blue Weber Agave that is harvested young at only 6 years of maturation. Following the harvest, the carefully selected Agave is steamed for 24 hours in the signature masonry oven and then left to rest in the oven’s residual heat for another 12 hours. Finally, a 72-hour period of fermentation followed by two weeks of stabilization completes the intricate process and ensures the highest quality and exquisite taste.

It has a clear and bright color, with silver tinges and good density. Powerful complexity in the nose with notes of fresh grass, sweet peppers, and cooked agave. Refreshing citrus nuances are accompanied by eucalyptus and mint aromas. On the palate - citrus notes, cooked agave, fresh pineapple, and white pepper. Refreshing balsamic nuances with an unctuous mouth feel. Long-lasting on the palate with great balance and complexity.

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