Rey Campero Sierra Negra

Rey Campero

Country: Mexico | Region: Oaxaca | Volume: 70cl | ABV: 49.2%

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Code: MRCA002

Sierra Negra is a newer release. Due to the extreme limited availability of the agave Sierra Negra, this mezcal was originally only available in Mexico, but a first batch came into the US in 2018 and soon later to Europe too. The agave Sierra Negra takes about 25 years to mature and it is no longer commonly used in mezcal due to over harvesting and a general lack of availability. Tropical fruits, toasted chilis and earth on the nose. Initially smoky and quite boozy but the alcohol dies down after a couple sips. Roasted and ripe pineapple, jalapeño spice and a white chocolate sweetness. Roasted chili and mint on the finish.

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