Ron Barceló Imperial Rare Blends Maple Cask

Ron Barcelo

Country: Dominican Republic | Volume: 70cl | ABV: 40%

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Code: BARC019

Ron Barceló is a premium rum producer that was founded 1929 and entirely produced in the Dominican Republic, in line with the designation of origin requirements. Uniquely different because it's made not from molasses, like most rum, but from 100% sugarcane juice that comes from the company’s own plantations in San Pedro de Macorís, and fermented, distilled, and aged in the Dominican Republic. This commitment to quality ensures that only the best and most brilliant sugar cane goes into Barceló Rum.

Barceló Imperial Maple Cask, a new distillate resting on maple wood that is part of the Rare Blends Collection, a series of premium rums. The craftsmanship and expertise in the world of distillates and aging have been combined to create unique flavors and aromas in the rums in the series. According to Barceló’s Maestro, with the inclusion of stills and maple wood, the distillery has achieved a product of highly distinguishable quality and uniqueness among Dominican rums.

Barceló Imperial Maple Cask is described as an exquisite liquid with a dark amber brown color and reddish tones that recall the beauty of maple leaves and the peculiar ocher color of the stills, from which the unique alcohols that derive from caramel aromas are obtained. Initially feels sweet on the palate. Then, it outlines flavors of wood and nuts with a long, silky finish. This expression depicts an unctuous body in the glass with thick, long trails that create lines in the glass.


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