Thomas Henry Botanical Tonic Water

Thomas Henry

Country: Germany | Volume: 20cl

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Code: MTHBT200

Meet me in the garden: With the new Thomas Henry Botanical Tonic, we extend the horizon of mixing and pave the way to tasty drinks creations for every occasion. Our Botanical Tonic convinces with a balanced taste composition and a harmonious freshness-sweetness ratio. Local and Mediterranean floral, herbal and fruity notes meet the pleasant and mild bitterness of quinine. It is packed with the natural aromas of tarragon, laurel, elder and spruce needles, combined with natural tonic aromas as well as rosemary and juniper extracts. The result: A particularly mild, flowery-herbal tonic that is wonderfully refreshing!

But it's not only for lovers of light, floral Gin & Tonics! Feel free to mix it with vermouth or other aperitif spirits to create outstanding drinks. Or combine it with clear spirits like vodka for a fascinating long drink alternative. Cheers!

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