Togouchi Kiwami

Chugoku Jozo

Country: Japan | Region: Hiroshima | Volume: 70cl | ABV: 40%

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Code: TOGO002

Created by Sakurao Brewery & Distillery, formerly Chugoku Jozo. Chugoku Jozo age much of its Togouchi whisky in an old abandoned railroad tunnel below the streets of Hiroshima. The warm winds from the Seto Inland Sea and the cold winds from the mountains cause a large temperature difference throughout the year resulting in rapid maturation of barrels in the Sakurao warehouse. The Togouchi warehouse utilizes an old railway tunnel that maintains cool temperatures regardless of the season, allowing the whisky to slowly mature over time.

As its name suggests, Kiwami meaning 'Height' in Japanese, this Togouchi will show you the excellence by being the equivalent in the world of wine of a 'Prestige' vintage. With its nose both bright and elegant revealing fresh notes of grass and nuts, this blended whisky will lead you in the mouth in a gourmet trip with hazelnut, chocolate and honey aromas, ending on subtle spicy notes of pepper and nutmeg.

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