Akashi-Tai Junmai Daiginjo Genshu


Year: NV | Country: Japan | Region: Hyogo | Volume: 72cl | Grape: Yamadanishiki | ABV: 16% | Food Match: Crudo, Rich fish, Seafood

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Code: AKAS002

Akashi is a family-run brewery that has survived against the fierce currents of time and change since 1856. Embodying this spirit, they persist in commitment to producing exceptional sakes, created from local ingredients. Pioneered by several generations, each Akashi-Tai sake is a reflection of the Yonezawa family’s undying love for their profession, now guided by Sake Master, Kimio Yonezawa. Located in the port city of Akashi in southwest Japan, the brewery continues to produce sakes and liqueurs, as it has for over a century.

Iconic “Grand Cru” sake, the Junmai Daiginjo Genshu receives special care and attention. The most intense flavors of the Yamadanishiki rice have been drawn out to achieve a highly floral, delicate sake with a salty palate, rich and aromatic minerality.

A nose that offers an explosion of aromas, including melon, lemon, bitter orange, sage and subtle herbaceous notes. The palate offers a perfect balance of lemon and bitter orange to offer a long-lasting finish.

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