Casamigos Blanco


Country: Mexico | Region: Jalisco | Volume: 70cl | ABV: 40%

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Code: CASA002

The brand was established after Clooney, and his friend Rande Gerber, had spent many months in Mexico, building holiday homes next door to each other. Whilst they were there, they had sampled many different varieties of Tequila, before deciding to make their own, that was perfect for them. They located a distiller, and requested a Tequila that could be drunk at any time of the day, with little burn, minimal hangover and that worked both on the rocks and neat. The spirit took months to develop through tastings and trial and error. Finally, they found the perfect tequila, and began to drink it with family and friends.

This is a 100% Blue Weber agave Tequila. The spirit is made slowly, with the agave roasted for 10 times longer than standard, and fermented for double the normal amount of time. 

Creamy and spicy nose with notes of chili, peppercorn and vanilla. Agave is quite notable and there's a touch of freshly cut grass. Oily and sweet palate that evolves into flavors of vanilla, oak and a mélange of herbs.

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