Plantation Pineapple


Country: France | Volume: 70cl | ABV: 40%

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Plantation Rum is a multi-award-winning rum born in Caribbean, developed by the Cognac producer Maison Ferrand. After purchasing and rejuvenating the latter in 1989, Alexandre Gabriel travelled in the Caribbean during the following decade seeking out the best rums of the region and forging close relationships with the distilleries. Gabriel and his team used their experience in Cognac to inform their methods of maturing rum. They employ a double aging method that harks back to the Caribbean rums brought back to France by ship in the 17th to 19th centuries. The rums all age in Bourbon barrels in the Caribbean for the first few years, and are then transported to Château de Bonbonnet in the Charentes. Here they finish aging in cooler temperatures in French oak.

The barks of Victoria pineapples are infused in Plantation 3 Stars rum, which is then further distilled. Separately, the pineapple fruit is infused in Plantation Original Dark rum. Both distillate and fruit infusion are finally blended together, creating a rich and delicious pineapple bouquet, accented by smoky and clove notes.

A rich and delicious bouquet, accented by smoky notes and aromas of tropical fruit, pineapple, citrus peel, and a touch of clove. The palate opens with a structured, pleasant sensation of ripe banana, pineapple, and spices layered in a smoky finish.

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