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A superb evening with Fiorente!
09 August, 2022

A superb evening with Fiorente!

We had the pleasure to host these beautiful ladies back in March for a Fiorente Spritz Night. Fiorente is an all-natural Italian liqueur made of wild elderflowers. Its formula includes mint, lemon and lime infusions, to add a zesty finish to its delightfully floral and herbal character. With 20 percent ABV, Fiorente can be used […]

Hennessy Masterclass
01 June, 2022

Hennessy Masterclass

We were delighted to host Ted Lelekas, Moet Hennessy Brand Ambassador last week to learn more about Hennessy Cognac . We had the opportunity to savour the Hennessy VS, Hennessy VSOP and the Hennessy XO. These were paired with some fine French cheese and dark chocolate .

Around the World Whisky Event
30 May, 2022

Around the World Whisky Event

The theme for this event was ‘Around the World’ as we had whiskies coming from the four corners of the planet. Hosted by Charlot Farrugia we took a tour around 6 whiskies from 6 different countries. We started with Slyrs Classic from Bavaria (Germany). Then we tasted Eagle Rare from Kentucky (USA), after this we […]

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